About Us

MML Limited is a limited Liability Company registered in 2013(previously registered as MML Enterprise in 2002) operating in Accra from Achimota. The company is involved in the supply of Office Supplies and (Bank Specific) Stationery products to Financial and Corporate Institutions in Ghana.

We aim to sell convenience in all interactions with our clients from the first contact to post-sale engagement. The company works with the ethos that it is more expensive to win back a lost client than to keep them. With a number of Financial Institutions in Ghana, we expect to have a well managed and systematic growth rate. 

MML Limited will continuously make ample use of an innovative culture and a strong work ethic while keeping a keen eye on market trends. The fast paced nature of business mean following data remains central to our business. Our customers are our partners and that approach ensures we always look out for what is best for them.